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Breakfast on the go


Breakfast cereals are worth £1.51 billion a year in the UK, with cereal snacks worth an additional £438.3 million.

There are two distinct groupings to who and how breakfast is eaten. Breakfast at home is dominated by those not working - over 65s and children. By contrast, nearly two thirds of breakfasts eaten on the go are consumed by 25 to 44 year-olds. With many workers needing their morning boost you can gain sales from the 'breakfast on the go' opportunity.

Cereal and cereal snacks category champion Kellogg's, recognises several key trends that you should get behind in order to support this category and generate an increase in sales. The most important of these trends is stocking a 'breakfast to go' range. Shoppers are more time pressured and are looking beyond traditional ways of eating breakfast. Kellogg's has recently launched its Cereal In A Pot to aid those consuming cereals out of the home and a whole host of other brands have done the same. This has rejuvenated the cereal market, offering consumers with time constraints a way to enjoy their traditional breakfast cereal, simply by packaging in an alternative format.

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Most big breakfast brands offer a number of off-shelf options which have been specifically designed for impulse. Cereal bars form an innovative sub-category that thrives with impulse shoppers. The variety amongst cereal bars has been both a cause and effect of their success. Consumers can enjoy a cereal bar containing any combination of cereal, rice, grains, oats, biscuit, chocolate, yoghurt, fruit and nuts and with the inclusion of milk in many of these products, cereal bars often act as a good source of calcium. Acting as an energy source, breakfast bars are popular with more than just impulse shoppers. Consumers generally include time conscious commuters, the health aware and people with a fitness focus and active lifestyle.

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Five years after their launch, breakfast biscuits have established themselves as one of the most dynamic sectors within the UK business category. Mondelēz International continues to lead what it terms the 'better for you' biscuit sector with Belvita, a brand credited with creating the breakfast biscuits category with its launch in 2010. It is now worth £63.8 million a year and is the UKs number 1 healthy biscuit. You can view our Belvita products here.

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Oaty Breaks is the new range of breakfast biscuits from McVitie's, designed to capitalise on this growing market. In the UK they are being supported by TV advertising from late July through until mid-September so sales are expected to increase and generate a rivalry with Belvita. Oaty Breaks come in four varieties:

Porridge Oats & Golden Syrup (1083794)
Porridge Oats, Raisin & Cinnamon (1083794)
Porridge Oats & Apple (1083795)
Porridge Oats & Blueberries (1083796)

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Ranging advice to maximise breakfast snacks sales

Range the best-selling products, with POS collateral where possible to highlight SKUs to shoppers. Point of Sale materials can make a real difference when drawing shoppers to the cereal fixture.

Merchandise the biggest brands at eye level. Siting big sellers such as Kellogg's Cornflakes, Belvita and Kellogg's Nutri-Grain at eye level helps to call out the category to time sensitive shoppers looking for a cereal snack on their commute. This will help draw attention as the browse the store.

In impulse, customers look for the brands they know and trust so stocking these is vital. Position cereal snacks amongst traditional cereals and breakfast products, but also position big brand snack bars by tills to engage with the impulsive shoppers.

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