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American Products




Our NEW range of American products contains the biggest brands from the United States and are available to order NOW!


The range has been carefully selected to contain a variety of products that appeal to all your customers. We have included these products based on their innovation, quality and popularity, many of these brands being true global icons.


This comprehensive range of products allows you to bring the best the United States has to offer to YOUR shelves. Your customers will be thrilled with the opportunity to purchase famous products they've seen in the best movies and whilst on holiday across the pond. You can now supply this demand!





Check out our American Range brochure for these incredibly popular, iconic products from the United States and many more...

- Reese's Pieces - The deliciously unmistakable Reese's peanut butter taste in a crunchy candy shell that's enjoyed by folks all over the world.

- Hostess Twinkies - The Twinkie needs no introduction. It's creamy, golden goodness has been enchanting shoppers for generations.

- General Mills Lucky Charms - Perfectly toasted oat pieces with colourful marshmallow shapes. The most iconic American breakfast cereal.

- Snapple - All natural fruit drinks made from the best stuff on Earth. One of the USAs all-time favourite soft drinks.

- Cheetos - These snacks are the much-loved cheesy treats that are fun for everyone. They made $1.45 billion dollars last year!



Ordering Products


If you would like to view our products using our website, please click on the relevant range button below.


You can order from our American Range in the same way that our regular 'Ambient' products are ordered and they also share a minimum order quantity!