Refrigerados y Congelados de Alta Calidad

This luxurious offering includes a wide range of specialty and premium food brands including tasty smoked fish, hams, sausages, premier meat cuts, craft cheeses, creams and yoghurts.

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Our products can be found in our Chilled and Frozen sections of our website.

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We have sourced these new products from a wide range of suppliers including organic farmers, dairies, artisanal bakers, makers of hand-crafted cheese, egg suppliers and many more producers of traditional and innovative gourmet delicacies to ensure your premium chilled and frozen offering is the best in the market. In the UK we have witnessed tremendous growth in this category where UK farmers and manufacturers of these products are leading the world in terms of quality and innovation. You will see some great products in our brochure, from high quality brands such as:

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These brands are some of the best examples of the growing number of food and drink manufacturers who pride themselves on producing craft, artisanal, handmade foods which taste great.

Over the past 20 years Ramsden International has witnessed a food revolution throughout the world as shoppers turn to more high quality foods as palates and tastes have become more sophisticated. You can now make sure that you are well equipped to compete in this market.

This is a permanent range, which we now offer alongside our other main product ranges. As a result, ordering these products is as simple as the same way you usually place your orders with us. Please contact your account manager if you have any questions.

Our aim is to provide you with premium products that will keep your existing customers coming back and will help you attract new ones. Supporting you with top quality service including fast, fresh air freight, Ramsden International aims to forge a genuine partnership with you.

We hope you enjoy our new premium food range as much as your customers will and that it helps you to continually increase your sales.

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