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电话: +44 (0) 1472 809 000
电话: +44 (0) 1472 809 000
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您可以从我们的春季和复活节系列中预订。Galaxy、Thornton's、Lindt、Elizabeth Shaw和Green & Blacks等领导品牌提供了一系列精选复活节彩蛋、盒装巧克力和礼品供您选择,产品包括复活节兔子、心形巧克力、新颖巧克力棒和奢华巧克力蛋等!

Christmas Chilled & Frozen 2019

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Christmas Chilled & Frozen Brochure

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Christmas Chilled & Frozen Order Form

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Final deadline for Christmas Chilled & Frozen orders is Tuesday 20th August!

See above for our Christmas Chilled & Frozen Brochure and Order Form...

Please ensure that your total order is submitted and confirmed before Tuesday 20th August 2019. All new customers are required to pre-pay 20% upon ordering and the funds are required to be in our account by Thursday 15th August 2019. New customers with agreed credit insurance are required to pre-pay 10% upon ordering and funds are required to be in our account by Thursday 15th August 2019.

Please note that in respect of our Christmas Chilled range we have shown the shelf life from the supplier where it is available. It is not guaranteed that all products will be dated post 25.12.19, therefore please liaise with your Customer Service Export Advisor if you require any additional information. Unfortunately, we cannot accept any claims for any products that are not dated 25.12.19 or later.