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Ramsden International
电话: +44 (0) 1472 315 610
Wholesale trade only
电话: +44 (0) 1472 315 610


EU Entity

We are delighted to announce we are opening a new European office in July 2021, Ramsden Europe BV (RE BV), supporting consistent and simple trade into the EU from the UK.

All orders placed will be Delivered Duty Paid (DDP Incoterms) making trading with us as simple as it was pre-Brexit, with Ramsden Europe taking care of all imports, duties, customs clearance, and delivery.

No, this is currently not an option with Ramsden Europe.

If you already arrange your own transport to collect your orders from Ramsden International in the UK, you can continue to do this.

Ramsden Europe will continue selling the full range of brands you and your customers already know and love. Initially, we will not ship orders requiring Export Health Certificates (Vet Certificates) however, we will expand our service to include this as soon as we are able to.

We will be operating to service European countries in two stages; starting with Spain, Portugal & France in July, and then rapidly extending to all European countries that we currently deliver to by the early Autumn. This means that you can now order your Seasonal products with guaranteed delivery to you by your required delivery date.

Due to the regulatory requirements of Brexit, some orders will take 15 working days from order acceptance to delivery. If you order organic products, this will take one additional week.

All orders delivered via Ramsden Europe will be invoiced in Euros.

The cost of goods will continue to reflect our most competitive pricing, as they do today. We will however include all costs of export, import, transport and duty into your final price, to make it simpler and more consistent for you.

Yes you can order organic products from Ramsden Europe. There is an additional lead time of one week over the standard lead time from order to delivery. Therefore, it will take approximately three weeks to deliver your order.

No, this will not be possible with Ramsden Europe. This will only be possible if you arrange your own transport from the UK on FCA incoterms.

If you are a new customer, and would like to use Ramsden Europe, you will not require an EORI number.

You can continue to order exactly as you do now. We will take your order and quote you in Euro's based on a delivered cost, giving you the simplest way to receive your goods.

Unfortunately we cannot accept credit card payments for Ramsden Europe.







每个订单的交货时间各不相同,主要取决于:您订购的产品类别、您的订货数量以及您选择的运输方式。我们将在确保质量不受影响的前提下,尽可能快速高效地将货物送达给您。请致电+44 (0) 1472 315 610,联系您的客户服务出口顾问,了解您订单的具体交货时段。


请致电+44 (0) 1472 315 610,联系我们的客服团队;他们将非常乐意为您安排发货。



  • 美国
  • 德国
  • 法国
  • 巴巴多斯
  • 加拿大
  • 越南
  • 芬兰
  • 中国
  • 加那利群岛
  • 迪拜
  • 南非
  • 香港
  • 新加坡
  • 菲律宾






Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee product prices for shipments after 30th December 2020, until the terms of the deal with Europe are known. This is due to the anticipated customs compliance and certification changes from 1st January 2021. As soon as we are able to confirm pricing, we will notify our customers.

Yes, you can order as usual. There will be no breaks in the ability to place orders.

We anticipate significant disruption to transport times in early January, as the new rules come into force potentially creating delays at ports. It is realistic to expect slightly longer lead times for orders, however our AEO status will ensure we are in the best possible position to minimise the impact on our customers.

Yes. Whilst AEO is a recognition of standards between the UK and the EU, as we have already been awarded this status before Brexit, it will continue to be valid post 31st December.

Tariffs will only apply where product will be exported from the UK. Within the UK mainland, prices will remain unchanged.

This will all be dependent on the trade deal the UK Government negotiates with the EU. If no deal is agreed, World Trade Organisation rules will apply and the import costs will vary by country. For further information on the subject please refer to your Government’s trade websites.

Our team have extensive experience on all aspects of exporting both pre-and post-Brexit. We will be happy to provide advice, support and services required to ensure your order arrives with your as quickly and smoothly as possible. We are Brexit ready!

Find more detailed Brexit-related FAQs here.