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Interview process

If you are a successful applicant we will invite you to our Grimsby based head office for a first stage interview with your potential line manager and a member of the HR team.


At the first stage interview we will explore your motivation applying. We want to understand how your individual experience and values align with our core values and the role you are applying for.


If your first interview is successful you will be invited back for a second stage interview which will allow you to demonstrate what makes you the ideal candidate for the role.


Most interviews last approximately one hour and the process will vary depending on the area of the business you are applying to work in. We may also ask you to participate in additional assessments (like presentations). We may want you to meet some of your potential colleagues or directors. We will only assess skills that are relevant to the role and will provide a full brief beforehand.


Interview Tips

  • Do a test run to our Head Office a few days before your interview.
  • Ensure that you have researched the Company and you understand the role you have applied for.
  • Turn up on time for your interview and remember your interviewers name and who to ask for at reception.
  • Look the part - one of our values is professionalism and looking and dressing the part for your role - remember first impressions do count!
  • Ensure that the answers you give are clear and concise and remember to answer the question you were asked.
  • The interview is your opportunity to show us why you should join the Ramsden International team and show us your best side.
  • Have some questions ready to ask us - it is a two way process after all!
  • Don't get too stressed over the process.
  • Relax and enjoy