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Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610

How to Order

Ramsden Order Capture System (ROCS) is our easy-to-use online ordering system. The system was built to be fast and intuitive. Searching for products could not be easier; simply type in the product or brand name and you will quickly be presented with all the product information you may need.

A helpful filter has been introduced to enable you to streamline your search and ‘favourites’ have been created to allow you to highlight products of interest. There is also a ‘previously ordered items’ option, giving you the opportunity to review your order history.

ROCS gives you complete ordering flexibility; you are in control of your order and can:

  • Create multiple quotes yourself
  • Review, submit and confirm your order online
  • Consider substitute items for discontinued products
  • View your order status.

To login and complete your order, please visit

1. Once you are granted access you will receive the below email with your login details for ROCS!

Email 2

2. Click here to begin browsing our range of over 24,000 products

Browse Our Range

3. This is where your shipment will appear when created, you can track their progress easily

Rocs Shipment Page

4. Search here using RI product code, description or barcode

5. Filter by brands

6. Using the 3 tier category system you can refine you search

7. Filter by Shelf Life to suit your market…

Screenshot Of Rocs Browse Page

Website Order Form

  1. Login by clicking the blue login button in the top right corner of this page and entering your username and password. You will receive this information from your Export Account Advisor. If you do not have an account, send us an enquiry through the contact us page or call +44 (0) 1472 315 610.

  2. Click here to go to ROCS and select the ‘Import’ tab at the top of the page.

  3. To order, click on the ‘Download an example order form’ button which, when selected, starts the download of your order form.

  4. Once you’ve completed your order, save it to your computer as a spreadsheet. Click again on the ‘Import’ tab, then click ‘Search for file’. Select your completed spreadsheet, and click ‘Upload Form’. You will then be shown all of the items on your quotation, and any discontinued lines. After deciding on replacement products for any discontinued lines if applicable, click ‘Upload products’. This will upload the order directly onto ROCS. You then simply need to click ‘Review and submit’ on the quotation in question, then ‘Submit quote’ for this to be sent directly to your Export Account Advisor.

Minimum Order Quantities & Values

Before placing your order, please check that you have achieved our minimum order requirements for each range:

Groceries & Non-Food

These ranges include products from all three of our main suppliers who all have varying minimum order quantities & values (MOQ & MOV), depending on the products you’d like to add to your order. Products from our biggest supplier are referred to as ‘everyday’ and products from our two niche suppliers are referred to as ‘fine foods’ and ‘health’.

  • Everyday product codes begin with a 10 and the minimum order is 200 mixed cases.

  • Fine Foods product codes begin with a 4 and the minimum order is £500 GBP.

  • Health product codes begin with an A and the minimum order is £700 GBP.

Both Grocery and Non-Food products can be mixed in an order.

Chilled & Frozen

Our Chilled and Frozen products are sourced from our main supplier only.

  • Chilled product codes begin with a 3, regardless of which section of the brochure these products appear in. The minimum order quantity for this range is 40 mixed cases.

  • Frozen product codes begin with a 2, regardless of which section of the brochure these products appear in. The minimum order quantity for this range is 40 mixed cases.

For more information on ROCS and MOQs please contact your Export Account Advisor.