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Vegan Range

A collection of bestselling products suitable for a plant-based diet.

Introducing our vegan range: a selection of the very best vegan products in the UK market, from bestselling, niche and up-and-coming brands!

Based on market research and category insights, we have highlighted the most popular vegan lines in bestselling categories from our Everyday, Fine Foods, Health, Chilled and Frozen ranges.

Vegan 2023 open brochure

Vegan Brochure

Throughout this brochure, you will find the very best products for shoppers who are looking to incorporate plant-based foods into their diet.


Category Insights

We've also included an example planogram to help you plan your product placement, plus valuable category insights, which explain just how quickly the meat-free market is growing, and why stocking alternative choices is so important.

Vegan 23 Cat insights planogram UPDATED
How to order tile

How to order

The quickest and easiest way to order products is to use our online ordering system, ROCS. More information on how to order can be found on pages 50-52 of the brochure.


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