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Category Management

You can rely on our Category Management team to provide you with helpful insights on the latest food trends in the UK and around the world. This includes creating bespoke planograms for your store - showcasing new lines alongside the British favourites your customers may already be familiar with.

The Ramsden International Category Management team will consider your market and store when compiling a range that will help give you a competitive edge within your demographic. Planograms will show you how to effectively merchandise ranges to drive footfall and sales to your store, as well as putting you ahead of your competition.

We regularly maintain our level of expertise in Category Management through the Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD). IGD is a research and training charity that provides in depth information and best practice to the global food and grocery industry.

We take the time to understand your business and our sales team make regular visits to our customers around the world to maintain strong customer relationships. By taking into account your local marketplace and culture, we can advise you on the British products your customers are most likely to buy, assess local demand and demonstrate how to maximise your sales of these lines through effective merchandising.

Our ability to supply bespoke planograms, which are suited to your store and your market, means that we can help give you a competitive edge over your local competition. As a supply partner we are fully committed to not only supplying you great British groceries but making sure you are in the best position to sell them to your customers.

Along with many Category Insights, our Category Management team are on hand to support our customers with:

  • Bespoke planograms for your store, using exact bay measurements and a custom-designed product range
  • Comprehensive visuals and product information to go alongside the planogram
  • Insight into best sellers, both UK and regionally, using multiple metrics to evaluate
  • Current trends within the category, both current and future
  • Range recommendations/reviews: review of current range and recommendations based on best sellers & trends
  • Advanced NPD Insights – we work closely with suppliers to bring you as much NPD notice as possible
  • Support with visual merchandising – Free Standing Display Units and Point of Sale

Utilising our full category management service and applying them to your business will ensure you’re one step ahead of your competition and maximise your sales.