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Brands We Work With

We’re proud to sell over 2,600 well-established British brands, from Cadbury and Nestlé to Heinz and McVitie's, along with international brands such as Reese’s and Lindt.

After first targeting British expatriates with favourites such as Marmite and Colman’s Mustard, we broadened our range to sell gourmet and health foods to local consumers around the world. We provide an export outlet for small artisan British producers and take famous brands to markets they have never sold to themselves.

This range expansion now means we have over 24,000 products in our portfolio split across the following super categories:

  • Everyday Groceries
  • Fine Foods
  • Healthy Living
  • Chilled Foods
  • Frozen Foods

We have strong relationships with many brand owners, meaning that we have access to key insights and market trends. With advance notice of new lines and promotions, these relationships give us the opportunity to be one step ahead, and also mean we have extensive knowledge on these brands.

With fine foods and healthy living categories on the rise, these ranges are key to our product offering and are certain to unlock additional sales in your store. Our Fine Foods range incorporates many unique brands, including Pipers Crisps and Sharpham Park, while our healthy living range features well-known names such as Nakd and Rude Health.

Furthermore, we have a fantastic range of chilled and frozen products from many leading brands including Rachel’s Organic, Bird’s Eye, Quorn, Ben & Jerry’s, and Flora.

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