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Ramsden International named Exporter of the Year at the 2023 FDF Awards

We are pleased to announce that Ramsden International has been named Exporter of the Year at the 2023 FDF Awards - a recognition that holds significant weight in our industry.

Ramsden International Exporter of the Year 2023

Our Founder and CEO, Sean Ramsden, extends gratitude to the entire Ramsden International team for their collective efforts that have led to this achievement. This accolade underscores the dedication and hard work of our team in navigating international markets, understanding diverse cultures and consistently maintaining high-quality standards. The Exporter of the Year award is a testament to our shared commitment to excellence and the promotion of British products on the global stage.

We appreciate the acknowledgement from the Food & Drink Federation and look forward to further contributing to the growth and reputation of the global food and drink industry.