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Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610

Export British Biscuits

The Ramsden International biscuit category brings together a spectacular variety of products, combining a selection of sweet, health, luxury and impulse treats all available for export.

From McVitie’s Hobnobs, perfect for sharing with friends and family, to the Oreo Joy Fills Vanilla Cookies, an indulgent delight for yourself, we have something to entice any type of consumer.

Whether a chocolate digestive, custard cream or ginger nut, biscuits have established themselves as the ultimate comfort food, but there are still new developments in the category, with a focus on chocolate-based biscuits – the most popular biscuit type amongst consumers.


of people in the UK state that chocolate biscuits are their favourite type


is the worth of evening snacking, with growth of +1.6%


Healthier biscuits have grown by £55m and account for an impressive two-thirds of growth within biscuits

Shoppers are spending more on healthier biscuits, with McVitie’s and Oreo driving the trend by bringing out thin versions of their everyday range. Nairn’s, Amisa, Kallo and Go Ahead are also key players in the healthy biscuits category, offering a superb selection of free-from and organic options.

Alongside the health trend, there is still room for luxury within the category and Thomas Fudge, Prewett’s and Anna’s Swedish Cookies are ideal for those consumers keen to buy more premium, indulgent products!

Consumers want to treat themselves, and our vast range of Biscuits will entice anyone looking for a delightful sweet snack.

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