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Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610
Cooking Ingredients

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Customers are becoming more confident and experimental in the kitchen, trusting themselves to create their own signature sauces and dishes.

Authenticity is key, with people looking to create traditional dishes that are as close to the original recipe as possible, as well as an interest in experimenting with unique new flavours and cooking styles. Within our Cooking Ingredients range, we have everything needed to make all the best homemade dishes, from beef lasagne to cottage pie.


Each acre of land yields 30,000 pots of Colman's Mustard


say the quality of the products they bought for their evening meal was more important than what they spent


Italians eat the most pasta, averaging about 26 kilos per person per year.

According to a report by global food and hospitality consultancy, Baum & Whiteman, more people will choose to eat at home than visit restaurants. Cooking at home is becoming less intimidating and more hassle-free these days and with on-the-go consumers looking for quick dinner-time solutions, pre-prepared meal kits are becoming increasingly popular.

At the same time, consumers are expecting high-quality food options that fit into their fast-paced lifestyles, without having to sacrifice on health or flavour. To meet this demand, within our range we have an array of cooking ingredients, from all the biggest brands including Schwartz, Heinz, Knorr and Nando’s.

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