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Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610
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Jams and Spreads are no longer just for covering toast in the morning, with more and more consumers buying spreads to drizzle over pancakes, stir into porridge or as an accompaniment for home baking.

This reinvention of the category resulted in a growth of 6% to £512m in 2018, with shoppers buying an extra 3.9 million kilos of honey, peanut butter and chocolate spread in the past year.

“Breakfast is still key for Marmite,” says Marmite’s Marketing Manager Vanni Cataldi. “However, it’s an incredibly versatile product and we want to encourage consumers to try new and exciting ways to use it.”

Peanut butter leads the category with a huge growth of 17.1% - a product which attracts younger consumers who are adventurous enough to experiment and cook with the versatile ingredient. These younger consumers are also keen to try new flavour combinations, with products such as Cadbury’s Bounty Spread.


Although honey remains the largest sector in value terms, peanut butter is the standout performer, with value sales up almost £10m over the past year


The use of chocolate spreads has expanded into areas such as melted dipping sauces for fruit and as a baking ingredient. This has led to an increase in purchasing frequency to 3.9 times a year


Marmalade, which has managed 2% growth on volumes up 0.9% after years in the wilderness, also has the development of new, more adult-orientated flavours to thank for some of its return to form

With a fantastic combination of sweet and savoury options and a variety of jams, spreads, peanut butter, marmalade, honey and pâté, among much more, our range will ensure that you can take advantage of the fast growth within this category. As well as a vast range of jams and spreads which are perfect for breakfast, we offer products such as Princes’ Sardine & Ham Paste and The Heinz Original Sandwich Spread - ideal for lunchtime or a quick snack.

The category is full of new, versatile products along with vegan, organic and gluten free options, from brands such as Hartley’s, Williams, Robertson’s and Whole Earth.

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