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Exporters of British Jams, Honeys & Spreads

Tried, tested and trusted by customers around the world, British honey, jam and spread brands are instantly recognisable household names. Our leading, award-winning range is available for fast wholesale import and delivery.

Everyone’s Favourite British Spreads, Jams & Preserves for International Wholesale

The jams, preserves, honeys and spreads category is always reinventing itself, forecast to grow 4% annually between 2021 and 2026. They’re not just for lathering on your toast — consumers choose these products for drizzling on pancakes, stirring into porridge and for home baking.

Peanut butter leads the charge with a huge growth of 17.1% — a protein-packed product increasingly attracting younger consumers. Shoppers are also keen to try new, creative flavour combinations, such as Cadbury’s Crunchie Spread.


increase in sales of peanut butter in the past year ¹


is how many times consumers purchase chocolate spreads each year, a result of their growing popularity for melted dipping sauces and as baking ingredients


growth on volumes for marmalade — a comeback king after years in the wilderness thanks to the development of new, adult-oriented flavours!

This thriving category boasts sweet and savoury options and a variety of jams, spreads, peanut butters, marmalades, honeys, pâtés and more. Then there’s your vegan, organic and gluten-free options from brands such as Hartley’s, Rowse, Robertson’s and Whole Earth.

Of course, these products are breakfast staples, but are increasingly lunchtime and snacking favourites — take, for example, Princes Chicken Paste, or Heinz Original Sandwich Spread.

If you’re looking at importing our leading range of jams, honeys and spreads from the UK and taking advantage of this category growth, we’re here to help.

Ramsden International: Award-winning Solutions for Importers of British Brands

We are leading wholesale exporters of British honeys, jams and spreads. Solely dedicated to export, we work with retailers of all sizes — from the smallest of independent stores to multinational wholesale distributors.

Our multilingual, global team has won over 90 awards for providing full supply chain solutions for those wanting to import British grocery brands from the UK.

Through our decades of experience, we’ve gained an unrivalled understanding of different retail sectors and consumers. We’re here to be your ultimate export partner.

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