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Soft Drinks

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Soft Drinks is one of the top-performing categories, with sales of diet and low-sugar soft drinks leading this incredible growth.

This development is largely due to the introduction of the UK’s Sugar Tax in April 2018, encouraging soft drinks brands to offer a wider array of lower sugar products. This, paired with consumer’s increasing interest in avoiding sugar and opting for healthier alternatives, has led many brands within this category to launch reduced sugar options.

The big players in the soft drinks category are continuously adapting their products, introducing new flavours and alternative options, with radical new product development key to the growth of the category. Consumer taste is rapidly changing and products such as Dr Pepper Zero, Diet Coke Exotic Mango and 7UP Free are reacting to this change in the market.


Dating from a formula developed in 1885, the flavour of Dr Pepper is a blend of 23 flavours


Flavoured water makes up 13% of the total water market


Irn Bru is the third most popular fizzy drink in the UK

Total soft drinks sales climbed by 1.2% in 2017 – with growth of £181m – and the massive drive of innovation within this category has been key to this rise in sales. Customers are looking to buy drinks with flavour, minus the high sugar content, and Pepsi Max’s ‘Maximum Taste No Sugar’ campaign has drawn customer’s attention, with Pepsi gaining the largest value growth in the category of an additional £46.8m in 2018.

With both regular and low sugar options, our range boasts products from the best brands in the category, including Coca-Cola, Fanta, Robinsons, Lucozade and Pepsi, paired with speciality lines including Cawston Press, Arizona, Firefly and Belvoir, unique alternatives which are proud to offer distinct and wonderful natural flavours, alongside exciting, stand-out packaging!

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