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Logistics & Transportation

We work hard to provide the highest level of delivery service, getting your goods to wherever you are in the world.

We have a dedicated freight forwarding and logistics department who can offer freight management services, multi-temperature deliveries, road, deep sea and air freight, as well as insurance, to ensure your products arrive in perfect condition. Due to the large volume of products we despatch each week and the useful network of logistics and freight management contacts, we can also provide you with a competitive and cost-effective delivery service which may often be cheaper than if you were to arrange it yourself.

Air Freight

At Ramsden International, we believe in going the extra mile to get our products to you in the best and freshest condition. Our efficient air freight service enables us to meet this requirement and ensures that our products have the longest shelf life possible when they arrive at your store.

With the regular flights from Heathrow Airport in the UK, the efficiency of our air freight logistics service means that chilled products with a short shelf life can be delivered to you in time for your customers to enjoy them at their very best.

Multi-temperature road freight

Our multi-temperature freight management service can deliver goods that require different storage temperatures in one shipment. Products ordered from our Everyday, Chilled and Frozen ranges can arrive direct to your store at the same time and only require one set of documents. We can arrange this service effortlessly and will also deal with all the administration and documentation so all you have to do it take delivery of your order.

Loading Orders
Order being loaded at our reprocessing warehouse