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Ordering Flexibility

Orders from across our different suppliers can be consolidated at our UK-based reprocessing warehouse, allowing you to maximise pallet fill and save on transport costs - therefore increasing your profit margin. We can even stack pallets to your specific requirements to maximise container fill.

Forklift Truck Driver
Orders being consolidated at our reprocessing warehouse

Last In, First Out scheme (LIFO)

We offer a ‘Last In, First Out’ (LIFO) scheme on stock*, ensuring that you receive the longest shelf life possible and the longest window of opportunity to sell your products in store. Ideal for pallet quantities of crisps and snacks, our LIFO scheme means that we can guarantee the freshest products are added to your order.

We understand how international transit can add pressure to our customers regarding shelf life. Our suppliers understand this too, which is why we have set up our LIFO scheme. The stock that most recently entered our supplier’s warehouse is the stock that will be added to your order, to help avoid short shelf life issues subject to minimum order quantities.

*Subject to terms and purchasing conditions.

Mixed pallet ordering

Keen to trial small quantities of a product in your store? No problem. With our mixed pallet ordering capability you can add numerous small quantities of specific products to a mixed pallet order, allowing you to create a perfect selection from our ranges. As long as our minimum order quantities are met, you can have the opportunity to trial small quantities of products in your store before buying more in future orders.