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Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610
Phone: +44 (0) 1472 315 610

Exporters of British Chilled Foods

We take pride in our chilled range, which complements our extensive Everyday range. This offering includes a variety of premium food products, including tasty smoked fish, hams, sausages, creams, yoghurts and juices.

A key driver in the chilled category is on-the-go snacking, with shoppers turning away from sugary treats and moving to cheese and meat snacks.

As well as chilled tea and coffee, which has experienced a sales increase of 40%, driven by new product development such as flavoured frappes and nitro coffees.

Our chilled range is perfect for shoppers looking for an easy, convenient shopping experience – a fantastic accompaniment to our everyday offering.

Brands We Stock

We sell well-established and famous brands such as as Flora, Tropicana, Muller Light and Rachel’s Yoghurts.

Explore our Chilled Range

We can ensure that our chilled range has the best lines to fill your consumers’ fridges.

Category Insights


12% of shoppers chose a product in the yoghurts and yoghurts category based on the fact that it was new during their last shopping trip.


Originating in 1987, Yazoo was the first flavoured milk to be sold in the UK.


Savsé is the UK's fastest growing cold-pressed smoothie brand.

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