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Exporters of British Frozen Foods

Offering shelf life, value and variety, the Frozen category is a staple of any consumer’s shopping basket. We are leading UK exporters of Britain’s favourite frozen food brands and products — pizzas, vegetables, fish, seafood, poultry, chips, burgers, desserts and ice cream.

Looking to Import British Frozen Foods from the UK?

From small retailers to large wholesale distributors, we help customers around the world import iconic, well-established British frozen food brands and products.

As a top performer in any store, frozen ranges are not to be underestimated. Manufacturers and producers are constantly innovating and releasing steady streams of new premium, frozen products — something reflected by growth across all categories!

It’s a common misconception that frozen food offers lower nutritional value or quality. With long shelf-life, value for money and variety, frozen food is as popular as ever. The younger demographic and those seeking to minimise food waste are increasingly turning to frozen foods.

In 2021, frozen food sales grew by 14.4% in value and 11.5% in volume — a trend that’s set to continue.

Frozen Food Brands We Stock for International Wholesale

Provide consumers with added value thanks to our unrivalled range of familiar favourites as well as a few lesser-known names! We offer all the nation’s favourites and well-established brands — Birds Eye, Young’s, McCain, Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s to name but a few.

Explore the Frozen Range

Frozen is a top-performing range, with growth in every category from ready meals and vegetables to ice cream and desserts.

Ramsden International: End-to-end Solutions for Those Importing British Frozen Foods

Our award-winning team has decades of experience in helping customers across the world to import British groceries.

As leading exporters of Britain’s favourite food brands, we pride ourselves on a ‘customer first’ approach. Our multilingual, global team takes the stress out at every stage, covering logistics, relabelling, translations, category management, data compliance and delivery.

Category Insights


growth in sales volume and 14.4% in value was seen for frozen foods in 2021. ¹


fish fingers have been sold in the UK since their introduction.


of shoppers chose a product in the frozen meals, meat & fish category based on the fact it was new during their last shopping trip.

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