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Products fit for your market

We understand that your country may have specific guidelines regarding food imports and labelling.

Our Reprocessing Facility can help.

  • Applying translated ingredients labels, Green Dot or special barcodes.
  • Printing date codes (ink-jetting) onto products.
  • Scanning for banned ingredients and removing them from your order.


Let our in-house logistics specialists organise delivery of your British food orders.

  • Multi-temperature
  • Door-to-door
  • Road and deep sea
  • Air freight
  • Consolidation
  • Documentation
  • Insurance

Service levels

Export distributors for Nisa-Today's. Their FMCG distribution centre is one of largest and most advanced in Europe.

You get excellent:

  • Availability (average 98.5%)
  • Shelf life
  • Product freshness
  • Lead times
  • Order accuracy